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Our one-of-a-kind website is like no other website that we know of in the World. We have spent countless hours to bring you the best list of accessible fishing sites throughout the State of Oregon. While we know that all of our sites are not perfectly accurate, we still have more information on this site than any other site anywhere. In addition, as we visit the sites, we will take our own photos and create our own videos. We also ask for your help. As a group, people with disabilities need to help each other. Please contribute your knowledge and any secrets of where to fish. We welcome your opinion and secret spots to help each other. Some facilities may be ADA compliant and some may not. Our only interest is that there is good accessibility for all people with disabilities to be able to access the sites. There are many ways to use this website. You may start with the disabled fishing access map in order to locate a facility close to you. Then, you can go to the index of accessible fishing sites and click on the facility that you are interested in. You will then be directed to the proper page for that specific facility. However, feel free to just start clicking on the zone buttons on the upper right of this home page and explore all of the sites throughout the state. In any event, it is our goal to provide photos, fishing information and general information to help you enjoy great fishing and hopefully an enjoyable day within the local environment surrounding the facility. Let us know what you think and please send us your photos of yourself fishing. Send us pictures of the facilities and any other information you think is important. This site is definitely growing and changing every week!

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Disabled Fishing Oregon.

Our company goal is to take people with disabilities fishing for free. It is our intention to make the first fishing adventure a fishing trip in a boat. Our main purpose is to get people with disabilities motivated to live life to its fullest. We believe that fishing is one of the great tools in which a person with a disability can conquer their feeling of inadequacy and loss of hope. Once the person has gone fishing the first time, we are not done. We try to provide the opportunity to continue to fish on a regular basis. When we can, we provide a fishing license, a fishing pole, a life vest and a fishing partner. Once again, the goal is to make a new life through fishing. We desperately need volunteers and donations to keep our project alive. Please give time or money, whatever fits your life the best. No matter what your disability, or no matter what you can do to help, please email us and tell us what your need or interest is and we will accommodate you..

Technology in today's world allows us to do almost anything, including fishing. If you can blow into a tube, you can fish. Most people with disabilities can do more than blow in a tube. Whether you are in a wheelchair, missing and arm, a leg, or many other disabilities, you can fish. There is adaptive equipment for everyone. Please, go to our adaptive equipment page and read about what is available. As we progress and get donations and grants, it is our goal to be able to provide the equipment for those in need. Whether it is an electric fly-fishing reel or a special fishing pole holder, it is important to help you fish. Please explore our page and contact us to go fishing..

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